Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Good Drawing Day

Just got back from a really great drawing session. It started out as a vary bad drawing night; it's been much too long since I have drawn from a model, but in the end I turned out these two pieces that I really enjoy, so enjoy . . .

Also, everything with Right After Then is going really well. We have decided to re-imagine my old web comic site, Angry and Mad, into an entirely new animal. With Right After Then we have a lot of ideas for stories, including ones to go along with the games we are developing, so Angry and Mad will be our place to have these stories play out. This will leave our official site clean and professional, while Angry and Mad is our playground for madness. I am happy and glad about it.

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Jeffrey A. Arce said...

Miss you guys! By the way, can I buy a copy of your book from you, or do I have to order it somewhere?