Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fantastic customers and sketches

Above is a sketch I did of some awesome customers. They really enjoyed it, and sometimes it's people like that that remind you of why you do what you do. To give someone something that hopefully they will enjoy for a long time to come is a great feeling. When you do mostly comical work it is often assumed that your artwork is empty, but in truth I put a lot of myself into everything I do. Finding things to laugh at and enjoy life is very important. The other important thing that cartoons and caricatures do is point out what makes us different, what makes us unique.

Down here is a body sketch I drew. Usually I despise bodies, they are a little on the campy side, and usually they are not worth the time you put into them. The exception to this is that we recently increased the prices of the body sketches, and now I feel better about the time I have to put in for the body. The other exception is fun customers with fun requests, like this cat woman sketch.

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Unknown said...

Jordan, this is Vince, the guy in the lower right of the three-person caricature. To keep it short, I just wanna say thanks again and that you without a doubt made our night perfect. We immediately went to Kinkos afterwards and got two copies of it. We are big, big fans of laughter and humor, and your artwork displays every ounce of passion and fun you pour into it, and it imbues viewers with the very same. Keep it up, man. You've still got us cackling.